One night at Mar Yakub - Recreation time - 14/01/2016


After a day's work in silence or in community we strive to bring the LORD to each other during the evening recreation in an attempt to fulfill the saying of St Peter: "All of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind" (1 Pe 3:8)

Feast of the Theophany at Mar Yakub Monastery - 06/01/2016


In this feast we commemorate the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Saint John the Baptist. Christ didn't need purification from the baptismal waters, rather He came to sanctify the waters. Normally believers get immersed in the blessed waters during this feast to sanctify themselves. This year we have re-established this tradition in our Monastery.

Our life - Summer/Fall 2015

Restoration of the ruins of the Monastery of Mar Yakub (Saint James)


Check out how faith in God has moved Mother Agnes, Sister Claire-Marie and Sister Carmel to restore our monastery of Mar Yakub, dating from the 6th century. (to know more - click here)

Our lands


We have about 30 hectares of land. The war makes it difficult to cultivate the lands but with the intercession of Saint James we walk in faith towards the future hoping to turn our desert into a paradise on earth.

Photos of September 2011 - Before the war

Christmas 2011 - Before the war

Life of the Monks of the Monastery of Mar Yakub - Before the war

Winter 2012

October 2011