Sister Esperanza

Who am I?


My name is Sister Esperanza and I am from Venezuela.


How did I come to know the Lord?


From a young age I felt the call to follow Jesus Christ. First I made a commitment as a lay person in theFocolare Movement”. Then, I entered an Apostolic Missionary Congregation, where the choral had different activities. I went wherever obedience commanded me, such as indigenous missions in the jungle, or ministry to prostitutes and youth at risk, adolescent gang members, prisoners, and drug addicts. In addition to the youth catechesis I did service in the sacristy in different parishes. It was truly a fascinating experience, but I felt the call to go to the country of God. 


How did I come to know the Monastery?


I came to Lebanon looking for hermetical life.  I met Mother Teresa of Harissa and she introduced me to Mother Agnes, who brought me here.


How do I live the situation during the war?


This is a great suffering. There is destruction and death, so much hatred and evil  has fallen on this country. There is violence, insecurity and anxiety. We ask the Lord to have mercy on us and to grant us peace.