Sister Carmel of St John the Baptist

Sister Carmel, one of the three founding sisters, together with Mother Agnes and Sister Claire-Marie, was born on September 15th, 1962 in Lebanon. She is the youngest of seven children. Born in a village in the Bekaa valley but having grown up in the suburbs of Beirut, she lived the Lebanse war, an experience that has deeply marked her. Before becoming a nun she was a midwife. 

"In my childhood there was great joy and suffering. My joy was to play in nature, trees, jumping ... At the same time, since the age of my first communion, I lived in an abyss, and I did not understand what was happening and nobody could give me an explanation. I also lived a revolt at that time, but I remember that even during those times I would still go to the Mass alone to cry. My life took a turn when I was about 19 years old. From then on I started walking from victory to victory. At that age, I remember, we were praying as a family - everyone was talking about his personal experience with Jesus. At night, when I was in my bed I started to cry, saying, "Jesus, You love everybody, but You do not like me because You never told me so.” That night I had a dream where I saw Him approach me, he put his hand on my shoulder and looked at me with a look of tenderness, a look I will never forget.

I cannot say that there was a specific encounter with him, I was with him through the storms of my life. Today my heart is appeased, but the Lord allowed these experiences to purify me. »