Abu Georges & Sylive

Abu Georges is a man with a heart of gold that is a member to the community since 2010. He came here for the first time during a retreat of the Church of God (a Syrian Protestant church) here in the Monastery. His family is a very old family of Qara. He lives in Damascus but felt a calling from the Lord to come and serve our community in the village of his ancestors (Qara).


Thus, since 2010, he remains a few days here at the monastery to return a couple of days to his wife Sylvie and his children in Damascus. Today he has a great responsibility - it is he who organizes the dispatching of all humanitarian aid reaching us through Mother Agnes Mariam in Qara and Damascus. He gives himself totally to this great humanitarian work. He is also head of the local Red Cross/Red Crescent and of the Monastery's Humanitarian Assistance Team. Now his two children and his wife are moving in the monastery as well. What a blessing. And thus we retrieve the old eastern monastic tradition where families and religious lived together in the Monastery.