Mother Agnes' exposes "Massacre Marketing" in Ghouta "gas attacks" in Syria, 2013

What justifies war? Everyone has seen the videos/images showing innocent children from the Ghouta "gas attack" East of Damascus in 2013.  But few know the reality behind these images.  Here is Mother Agnes' scathing attack of the "video evidence" put forth in these videos used to justify war.  Mother's work reveals that the videos are "Massacre Marketing". The children laid out in the videos have been moved from place to place, many are not even from Ghouta/Damascus but have been identified by family members as having been kidnapped from Alawite villages who were massacred by jihadists in NE Syria earlier that summer!  She exposes the whole gas attack as a charade.  Sadly this charade was presented to the US congress and designed to justify war, specifically a US/NATO invasion of Syria.  Her evidence here was cited by Secretary Lavrov and others as key in exposing these videos as a disgusting fraud, the lowest form of psychological manipulation.  And thanks in part to this brave report, the first of its kind, the videos were exposed as lies and war was averted, thanks to God.  This website also exposes some of the fake images/videos from the "Ghouta gas attack".
Ghouta attacks 2013 - Mother Agnes'analysis of the fake videos
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