(On this photo you can see how they cut the finished carpet off of the machine)

Our village of Qara houses an old carpet factory where they once made carpets by hand. At its height the factory employed 115 people. During the present crises it was used as a refugee center. Since about six months the monastery’s humanitarian assistance team planned to re-open it to enable jobs for the villagers. After having received an intensive training session about ten people have started to work in the factory. We hope that very soon we will be able to reach the 115 employees the factory once housed. In all this we thank the LORD and our benefactors: …

On the above pictures you get can get an idea of the first carpets that are being produced in the factory and of the machines that are being used. The machines are operated by hand and don’t need any electricity. On the large machine – which produces large carpets - three people can work. Small carpets are made on machines operated by one worker. The machines are relatively inexpensive. We aim to buy new machines as soon as possible to be able to give work to more employees.


The workers that are now in the factory have received a training session of three months by a professional. During those three months these people have received a monthly salary and food and health boxes from the monastery's benefactors. We pray the Lord to continue to bless this project. Thank you for your help and prayers. 


For more info about the carpet factory: read our report from November 2014.