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Our usual spot in the rock desert of Damascus


Safe and sound I arrived again in my little room in the new building, among the brothers in Mar Yakub, Qara, in the Qalamoun in Syria. Eight Flemish wanted to travel with me. First, three journalists. Because they had identified themselves as journalists upon their visa request, they could not get their visa in time and will come later. Two brothers from Kortrijk must first take their exams and will come when those are finished. Two men still need permission to come. One of them, from Antwerp, had the necessary done in time, but had to pay extra for "Business class" because there was no place in the ordinary “Economy class”. Finally there is a woman from Ghent. On Wednesday 14 June 2017, the man from Antwerp, the woman from Ghent and myself wanted to enter the airspace of Zaventem, when it turned out that the man from Antwerp had forgotten his passport. He’d even forgot his pants from time to time, he said. We suggested to put his passport in his pants from now on and then to not forget his passport. He will hopefully come tomorrow.

Together with the woman I arrived in Beirut, we met mother Agnes-Mariam and sister Carmel in a pub and headed to Damascus, where one of the familiar laymen of the community brought us to Qara. It was already running at midnight. When entering Qara, it was still busy. It is Ramadan and the Muslims who are famishing at day, revive in the evenings and at night. In "Deir Mar Yakub", the whole community, apart from the children, was still awake for a very warm welcome. Because it was Sacrament Day the next day, the Sunday Order was held. We plunged down on our beds to only wake up on Thursday noon.

Abouna Georges, the priest of Qara, arrived at noon for the solemn Byzantine Eucharist, after which we held the Exhibition of the Most Holy Sacrament until the evening. Meanwhile, there was a very happy welcome from the children. The two 13-year-old girls are already true ladies and are taken care of by the sisters along with the Muslim family's girls who still live with us. The community of the brothers takes care of the three boys ( one of 8 and 2 of 10 years old). In the evening, when we sat around the table with ten, I was delighted to see how the elder brothers served the children with paternal care. From the outset, the community has tried to live as a family. And we must admit it, they are also willing and able to help us in a variety of ways.

Meanwhile, the cherry harvest has already been done on the site. Many trees are still tired of the war, which means that the harvest is still not optimal, but it is getting better and we are all looking forward to the "full life" for the trees and the people.


Interviews and conferences


The last days of my stay in the Abbey of Postel (as the main reason of my absence) was a follow-up of interviews and conferences and also an assembly of all kinds of necessary or useful stuff.

During the famous Syria conference in Antwerp (June 3rd) which we reported earlier, these two interviews were made. Eric van de Beek, who used to work for the weekly Dutch magazine Elsevier, but now draws more readers with the only Dutch geopolitical magazine Novini, has made this extensive interview in Dutch and English:,, The interview of Novini was copied by: and even internationally:

On that same day, the Syrian TV also recorded an interview, as you can see here after 25 minutes: That it was actually broadcasted in Syria, I immediately found out when I returned, because of some laymen that said surprised: we saw you on TV!

Find here the full broadcast of the debate club in Edegem on June 8th, 2017 with 260 attendants. After the usual applause, I thought that there would be some questions that would try to cut the legs of my chair, but it was not the case at all. Apparently, more and more people are waking up. Again congratulations and thanks to the organizers:

As part of "Biofides" (led by the biologist Vincent Kemme:, we were able to attend to an evening for inspired and convinced people in he abbey of Affligem (June 9th, 2017) about our book, Catholic doctrine of Marriage, Contraception and Natural Fertility Methods . Dom Lucas took care of a jovial welcome at the beginning and especially afterwards. To our happy surprise, there were some friends from "the first hour", the time we began our fight against the culture of death, long time ago, when ... people still talked! Afterwards, we had a very interesting conversation with a young pharmacist. When we returned homewards, we were still stuck in a traffic jam at midnight on the ring of Antwerp and around a quarter to two we went to sleep tired but satisfied.

On Saturday we enjoyed the National Jubilee celebration for 50 years of Catholic charismatic renewal in the Mariahal in Scherpenheuvel and we especially enjoyed our contacts with the people of the first hour. Also the meeting with many acquaintances was satisfying.

Sunday afternoon we were invited by the Euro-Russian Association ( at the festive and tasty meeting with the Russian ambassador and a delegation from the Russian Embassy. We had no difficulty in thanking Russia for its humanitarian, political and military assistance to Syria. Without, Syria would not even exist anymore as a sovereign country, and I would already have ceased to harass you with my messages since a long time. Half of the attendants were Russians. An airplane continually circulated around our heads. The organizer of this meeting stated that it was the intelligence service. To gently keep the hysteria against Russia alive.

Tuesday evening, June 13nd, 2017, the day before our departure, our last presentation: at the Maranatha church of Tilburg University, at the invitation of the young and dynamic student priest Michiel ( Among the mainly young public were also some young priests, young parents and a young doctor. There was a heart-warming unanimity. The enthusiasm was an honour to the founder and father of this university, the legendary professor Martinus Cobbenhagen (1893-1954), who not only pursued a scientific but also a rich, human and religious development. The transition from a "culture of death" to a "culture of life" will be put into place by them, even though the struggle will still be tough and the "correct" thinking on social, medical and ecclesiastical level will fight for survival. Journalist Klaas van der Zwaag wrote two very spicy articles in the valued and well-known Dutch “Reformatorisch Dagblad” on Wednesday, June 14th: "Pater Maes: Pil verwoest huwelijk en seksualiteit" and on Thursday June 15th: "Tegen amorele anticonceptie".


Does the West fight the terrorists or does it feed terrorism?


Now that England is again coping with a terrorist attack (Manchester, London Bridge), it is time for the people to ask the European and Western politicians: Are you actually fighting the terrorists or are you causing terrorism yourself? "The British government has, in fact, granted citizens of Libyan origin permission to fight in Libya at the side of Al-Qaida to bring down Gadhafi. After months of fighting and indoctrination these radicalized citizens were taken back in the society. " (Ron Paul,, June 7th, 2017,

He who has the patience to watch some of the next videos will not have to read any more newspapers or watch any more TV news. He will know better. The VRT video on the debate about Syria shows how most of our politicians still speak as drugged zombies, who do not ask any question about the truthfulness of their monster lies. Further on, the video with the explanation of David Icke is particularly illuminating. He brilliantly exposes the correct facts and the correct backgrounds.


Some decisions


There is a strong increase in awareness about both the truth about Syria and our physical and mental health. Our indictment of the media lies about Syria was received with a general agreement, especially among young people. In some pious ecclesiastic midst and among some church responsibles, indifference or rejection remains. There are religious communities that read different newspapers on a daily basis and watch TV news every night. These religious usually do not resist the mainstream messaging and blindly support the Western war propaganda. There are also religious communities (who among other receive and read my messages) whose religious keep a healthy distance from public opinion and are not afraid of rowing upstream with a healthy spirit of resistance.

We have experienced a similar attitude to the message of our book about Paul VI, the authentic ecclesiastical doctrine of marriage, the natural fertility methods and at the other side the catastrophic hormonal contraception. Many (Catholic) churches  and church officials continue to stumble upon the 50-year-old rejection of Humanae vitae and the blind acceptance of contraception. With youngsters and in alternative circles we could experience a lot of approval, possibly even stronger in the Netherlands than in Flanders. Some popular magazines with the TV shows strongly recommended the message of the book. We expect and hope that this attention may grow.


Thank you


When this community Mar Yakub can enthusiastically continue to convey her religious and humanitarian mission, she mainly grants this to the countless benefactors for their help and support in many areas. I would like to thank them very much. We want to pray for you all. May God repay your goodness abundantly and bless you greatly.


F. Daniel